Gate Access

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(This facility is not available in every Association)

Getting Setup

Remotes may be purchased that control the entry gates. Please be aware that these devices are an optional extra; no homeowner has to pay to be able to use directory listings or gate access codes.

Your gate access code is a PIN that can be set for the entrance gates. We recommend that you do not let anyone outside your family/household know the code. If you believe someone has unauthorized access to your code, you should contact LIFETIME HOA Management at once; log into your account and ask for a new code. The login button is above, or you may call the office on (210) 504-8484.

The directory has a list of those residents who have asked for their names to appear on the keypad by the entry gate. All visitors will see your name on the keypad and by pressing the button allocated to you they will be connected to you via your provided telephone number. Having answered the call, you can allow a visitor to enter by pressing 9 or prevent them from entering by pressing 5. Once you have made your choice, the call will end. If you wish to be included in the directory, just your name will appear on the keypad to be seen by visitors. If you would like your name added to the gate directory, speak to LIFETIME HOA Management on (210) 504-8484.

Temporary gate codes are gate codes allowing entry for a limited period. If you need a temporary gate code, fill out the form below. This code will be set in accordance with the protocols of the gate system; it will not be possible to choose a personalized code.

Temporary codes are issued for eventualities such as an event at your property, temporary visitors, or tradespeople who require access to your property for projects. One business day’s notice is required to set up temporary codes.

Frequent Gate Questions

If the remote light fails to illuminate after the button is pressed, first replace the batteries. If this does not fix the issue, you may need to order a replacement remote.
If you purchased the gate remote within the last 24 hours, the programming process may not have completed. Please allow a period of 24 hours to pass to allow sufficient time for the programming to complete.
If the card fails to respond when it is placed on the card reader during pool opening hours, it may have been deactivated when the previous owner left the community. To arrange for the card to be reactivated, please contact the office on (210) 504-8484.
If the gate fails to work as expected or appears to be damaged, please contact the office immediately on (210) 504-8484.

Pool Access

How to Purchase a Pool Card
To buy a pool card, click on the Pay Now button below. After you have provided all relevant details and the payment has been processed, you will be automatically redirected to the pool card form. Please complete this form in full to register for the pool card. Payment confirmation will be emailed to you.
How to Register Your Existing Pool Card

To register your current pool card, you will need to fill out the online application through your homeowner portal which is in the blue column on the left-hand side titled “Submit Pool Request. Please provide the card number when filling out the online form. All pool cards will be activated within 2 business days once a request is received.

Frequent Pool Questions

To access the community pool after purchasing and registering an access card, place the access card flat on the card reader. A beep will sound, and a green light will illuminate to indicate the gate can be opened. Open the gate immediately as it will only be unlocked for a brief period.
First, check the opening hours and verify that the pool is open. You can verify the pool rules and opening hours by logging into the homeowner page and consulting the Rules and Hours that are posted in the documents section of your association’s website.

Some communities require pool cards to be reregistered during specific seasons. To verify the requirements, log on to the homeowner portal and check the Pool Information details.

If the pool is open and the pool card has been registered, but it is not working, it may be that the card has been deactivated. To arrange for the card to be reactivated, please contact the office on (210) 504-8484.

Note: Some communities will remove your access to some amenities, including the pool, if you have an unpaid balance on your account. If your pool access card does not work, please verify that you have no past-due balance on your account.

Standard Shipping: All orders are shipped via USPS and dispatched with 24-48 hours of ordering during business period hours. The cost of shipping is included in the order total.

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