How to Choose an HOA Management Company

Questions and Items to Look Out For:

Contract Length

a. NEVER agree to a contract for more than a 12-month period
b. Make sure there is a way to get out of the contract within the first 12 months due to poor performance

Contact Form and Pen
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Hidden Fees

Ask for their contract and look for “Hidden Fees”; get an itemized breakdown of ALL fees

Delinquent Account Management

a. How does the management company approach delinquent homeowners (Fees, Process, etc.)
b. Is there a clause in the contract that allows the management company to recoup costs even after you have terminated your agreement?

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Who picks up the phone when you call the office

Call and see if you get a live person, or a recording asking you to press a number

Do they own or have interest in ancillary companies?

Is there a conflict of interest? (Insurance, Banking, Landscaping, General Maintenance, etc.)

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Do they offer an incentive program for their employees to offer great service?

What is the program?

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