Details of Payment Plan

If you require more time to settle your assessment, filling out the form below will allow us to check whether you can qualify for a payment plan. We generally review requests for payment plans inside five business days. If we approve your request, we will email you a payment plan agreement for signature and return. Any approved payment plan will incorporate a monthly charge for the administration of said plan and outstanding dues in line with the outstanding dues policy of your association.
If your request is approved, please note that your plan will include administrative cost in accordance with the Board of Directors management agreement.
My submission of this request represents an agreement that I will pay my account balance (amount owed) and keep up the payments on this plan. I understand that this request will be subject to review and that I will be informed by letter of approval or otherwise. If approval is granted, the information letter will include an agreement, detailing the monthly amount to be paid, that I must sign and return inside five business days. Approved payment plans incorporate a monthly charge for the administration of the payment plan and the historic dues owing in line with the historic dues policy of the Association. If you have any queries regarding what you owe your organization, simply log into your account and click on the Account Info tab.
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