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This is the place for you to find out about all we offer. LIFETIME is dedicated to ensuring that you enjoy your new home and working with your new HOA is as smooth a process as possible. We are here to deal with everything you need, from reporting compliance problems, submitting payments, and making requests for alterations or enhancements to your property. We aim to make processes as easy, convenient, and user-friendly as possible.

Homeowner Questions

Whatever questions you may have, we can answer them.

Community Concerns

If you have any concerns regarding your community, we will help you find the right resolution.

Managing Contractors

For all community-wide projects, we will undertake management of external contractors to make sure they get their work done on time and within budget.

Community Finances

With us in charge, you can say goodbye to confused community finances.

What Lifetime doesn’t do

This is an important question and to make sure you understand things easier, we want to let you know what we actually do not handle for the community.

  • Board decisions. Your board will always be responsible for making the big decisions regarding your community in line with the policies in your governing documents. It’s our job to make sure the board’s decisions are effectively implemented.​
  • Supplying contractor services. We will assist in managing contractors, but we are not responsible for maintenance, security, landscaping et cetera services.​
  • Settling disputes between neighbors. We believe the best way for neighbor disputes to be settled is with amicable respectful interaction between the interested parties.​
  • Offering public services. This is best left to the experts in your municipality/police department.​
  • Providing legal services/advice. We do not pretend to be (nor do we want to be!) lawyers; You must select the most appropriate legal experts when necessary.​
Explore customized resources for a thriving HOA experience

Online Access

We provide the overall management of your community under the direction of your Home Owner Association Board of Directors. And when you join a LIFETIME community you will be given access to a dedicated user community website. This site offers, amongst other things:

  • Account snapshot, see all your details in one place​.
  • Online Payments: submit and manage payments quickly and easily​.
  • Compliance Central: giving you the information you need to avoid violating any community standards​.
  • Home Improvement Request: allowing you to quickly and easily find your applications and see where they are in the process​.
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Make sure you register with us online so that you can check your documentation, see your calendar, and make bill payments, along with much else.

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